International partnerships

Through our teaching, research, and student and staff exchanges, we have extensive links with partners around the world. We currently have almost 7,000 students studying overseas in partner colleges. We have one of the largest collaborative provisions in the UK and an impressive portfolio of international research partnerships.

Student and staff exchanges are also a major component of our international partnership work. In addition, we host well over 2600 international students every year at our three UK campuses. A key priority over the next five years will be to increase student and staff mobility, international student numbers, as well as to grow our internationally-leading and world-leading research in partnership with other major universities and organisations across the world.

Our growing international reputation stems from our work with our many partners around the world who are chosen for their reputation for excellence. We work proactively to establish partnerships in important education markets around the world like China, India and Latin America.

Our partnerships take a variety of forms including student exchange, dual degrees, joint research and development, and consultancy and training. Our expertise in a variety of subject areas and centres of research excellence (e.g. John van Geest Cancer Research Centre) allow us to offer our services to governments and companies, and to work collaboratively with other universities across the world.

Models of collaboration

We are open to opportunities for new international partnerships in the following areas:

  • dual and joint degrees (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD)
  • professional doctorates
  • student and staff exchange
  • research partnerships
  • articulation or progression agreements
  • short or bespoke courses
  • summer school programmes.

View more information on our current partners.

Learn more about our partnership with the Santander Universities international network.

If you are interested in partnering with NTU in any of these areas, please email us or telephone +44 (0)115 848 8875.