Student opportunities

International study, volunteering and placement opportunities for students

Participating in international study, volunteering and placement opportunities is a great way for students to enhance their CV and gain not only valuable but also unique skills that will impress future employers. Experience in another country shows prospective employers the ability of being adaptable, resourceful and an independent person with an open mind – these are key competencies employers are looking for in graduates. Demonstrating that students have an international perspective will enable them to compete more effectively in the job market.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad enables students to gain valuable international experiences that can be used for future career. Students with international study experience have shown better academic results, become more competitive in the job market, with overall higher starting salaries, and developed their personal and professional networks. Studying abroad enables students to enhance their essential personal and people skills required in the global workplace, including intercultural communication skills, adaptability and tolerance, resilience, problem solving and leadership skills.

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International volunteering

International volunteering experience enables students to ensure their CV stands out from the crowd while making a difference to the global community. For some careers (e.g. teaching, social work), volunteering experience is valuable, or even essential. Even if it's not essential for future career plans, it's a great way to develop skills and show commitment to supporting a good cause – something which impresses employers. Through volunteering, students can gain skills which are transferrable to most works environment such as team work, communication and organisational skills.

Global student networks top ten reasons for volunteering internationally

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International placements

Placements and other forms of work experience give students an excellent first-hand experience of the working world and help develop skills that can be used within degree studies and after graduation. International work experience also provides an opportunity to gain a unique set of skills while working with people from different backgrounds. These experiences enable students to improve their understanding of other cultures, develop cross-cultural communication skills and, in some cases, enhance foreign language fluency.

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For students undertaking a placement in another EU country maintenance grants may be available through Erasmus +, please email the Erasmus team for more information.

Global opportunities on campus

At NTU we also offer several opportunities for students to gain international experiences on campus. These range from getting involved in the cultural activities and events at the Global Lounges, or Global Week, or applying for some of the student positions available that focus on internationalisation, such as becoming the Global Summer School student buddy, exchange or language buddy, or Global Lounge assistant, among others. These positions will be advertised to students through email communications and the student work portal.