Internationalisation strategy

One of the five ambitions of our recently announced 2015-2020 strategy is around Connecting Globally. Our ambition as an international University is to nurture global citizenship, engage with the international research community, and attract talented students and staff from around the world.

The approaches we will take to connecting globally include:

  • We will grow our numbers of international students to stimulate a vibrant multinational learning community and diversify our income streams.
  • We will further promote internationalisation in the curriculum and enhance opportunities for our students to acquire the international perspective needed to succeed in the global community.
  • We will focus on building a strategic network of international partnerships with peer universities, businesses and civic authorities in selected territories.

Read more about the actions we are taking to achieve our ambition of Connecting Globally and see a case study of our work in this area.

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Do you have further questions about internationalisation at NTU? If so, please email Professor Cillian Ryan, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) or Stephen Williams, NTU Global Director.