Academic board

Academic Board Terms of Reference

Extract from Quality Handbook, Part A Section 1: Academic quality governance

2. Academic Board

2.1. Academic Board has ultimate responsibility for the standards, quality and enhancement of academic provision within the University. It is the senior academic committee of the University, with a range of responsibilities relating to the organisation of learning and teaching, research, scholarship, standards, students and courses and advising the Vice-Chancellor on academic matters.

2.2. The principal responsibilities of the Academic Board are drawn from the Instrument and Articles of Government confirmed by the Privy Council in March 1993. Subject to these articles (and to the overall responsibility of the Board of Governors and to the responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor), the Academic Board is responsible for:

a. policy issues relating to the research, scholarship, learning, teaching and courses at the University, including criteria for the admission of students;

b. the appointment and removal of internal and external examiners;

c. policies and procedures for assessment and examination of the academic performance of students;

d. the content of the curriculum;

e. academic standards and the approval, monitoring and review of courses;

f. the award of, and the procedures for the award of, qualifications and academic titles which, in the case of honorary awards, shall be subject to confirmation by the Board of Governors;

g. agreements with other validating and accrediting bodies, including professional institutions and other education providers;

h. the overview of all collaborative provision entered into by the University;

i. the procedures for the expulsion of students for academic reasons (such responsibilities shall be subject to the requirements of validating and accrediting bodies);

j. considering the development of the academic activities of the University and the resources needed to support them, and for advising the Vice-Chancellor and Board of Governors thereon;

k. advising on such other matters as the Board of Governors or the Vice-Chancellor may refer to the Academic Board

2.3. In accordance with the Instrument and Articles of Government, no more than 34 Members sit on Academic Board and it shall comprise the Principal (Vice-Chancellor) (who shall be chairman) and such other numbers of staff and students as may from time to time be determined by the Academic Board subject to approval by the Board of Governors. The Vice-Chancellor may nominate a Deputy Chair from among the members of the Academic Board to take the chair in his place. The period of appointment of members and the selection or election arrangements shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.

2.4. Academic Board may establish and disestablish such committees as it considers necessary to enable it to carry out its responsibilities, provided that the establishment of any such committees and their terms of reference are first approved by the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors. The number and nature of members of any such committee, the method by which they are to be elected or appointed, and the terms on which they are to hold and vacate office shall be determined by the Academic Board.

2.5. Boards of Examiners (see Quality Handbook Section 15 and 15b) have delegated authority from Academic Board for determining academic awards and for decisions on the progression of students.

Academic Board Membership

Ex-officio members:

  • Vice-Chancellor (chair)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Colleges
  • Deans of School
  • Head of the Academic Office (Secretary to the Board)
  • Director of Academic Development
  • Director of Libraries and Learning Resources

Two student representatives

One member of the teaching staff of each School elected for three years by the teaching staff of that School

Two members of teaching staff elected for three years by the teaching staff of the University

One member of the permanent professional services staff elected for three years by the permanent professional services staff as a whole.

In attendance by invitation

  • Chief Financial and Operations Officer
  • Head of Student Support Services
  • two further student representatives (NTSU nominated)

Minute secretary