Sir Michael Parkinson and NTU's Vice Chancellor, Sir Neil Gorman

Nottingham Trent University is a forward thinking institution and adheres to the standards you would expect from a modern day academic institution.

Our structure of corporate governance reflects and espouses a commitment to the Neill principles on standards in public life. This includes the key principles of: good practice on appointments, training, openness, codes of conduct and conflicts of interest.

The ceremonial figurehead of NTU is our Chancellor, Kevin Cahill CBE. The University is led by our Vice Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck and the University Executive Team. The Board of Governors oversees the governance of the University. All aspects of the University's work are guided by our Strategic Plan.


The day to day management of Nottingham Trent University is underpinned by key strategic thinking in a multitude of areas.


As an educational provider striving to be transparent in our decision-making, NTU is governed by a series of policies.

Chancellor nominations

Staff, students and governors are being invited to nominate an individual they believe would be an inspirational figure in the role of Chancellor of the University.