University Executive Team Terms of Reference

A. Scope and Purpose of University Executive Team ("UET")


The Articles of Government prescribe that the Vice-Chancellor is responsible to the Board of Governors for the conduct of the University including:

  • making proposals to the Board of Governors about the educational character and mission of the University, and for implementing the decisions of the Board of Governors;
  • the organisation, direction and management of the University and leadership of the staff;
  • the appointment, assignment, grading, performance review, suspension, dismissal, and determination of the pay and conditions of service of staff;
  • the determination, after consultation with the Academic Board, of the University's academic activities, and for the determination of its other activities;
  • preparing annual estimates of income and expenditure, for consideration by the Board of Governors, and for the management of budget and resources, within the estimates approved by the Board of Governors; and
  • the maintenance of student discipline, the suspension or expulsion of students on disciplinary grounds and for implementing decisions to expel students for academic reasons.

UET's role is to collectively provide advice and guidance to the Vice-Chancellor in the areas noted in Section B below in the exercise of these responsibilities (undertaking individual responsibility where requested).


B. Terms of Reference


  1. To understand and interpret the strategic issues affecting the sector and review, discuss and disseminate analyses of the same with particular focus on how these impact the University.
  2. To provide guidance and leadership on the academic direction of the University referring matters to the Academic Board or the Board of Governors as appropriate.
  3. To provide guidance and leadership on the strategic direction of the University referring matters to the Board of Governors where appropriate.
  4. To provide guidance and leadership on student facing initiatives at the University referring matters to the Academic Board, Nottingham Trent Students' Union or the Board of Governors where appropriate.
  5. To action business critical and operational issues allocating responsibilities to individual UET members or delegating to colleagues as appropriate.
  6. To be responsible for ensuring that the implementation of University's strategies and policies is communicated effectively to all within the University.
  7. To approve the agenda and review the papers scheduled for discussion by the Board of Governors and its sub-committees.
  8. To review and propose the University's budget to the Strategy, Policy, Finance and Resources Committee and the Board of Governors.
  9. To receive, monitor and approve College and Professional Services Reviews documentation.
  10. To monitor and review the performance of individual Colleges, Schools and Professional Service areas to maximise their contribution and impact within the University and the wider Higher Education environment.
  11. To consider and approve any proposed restructuring or realignment plans within the University.
  12. To ensure the effective management of the University's financial, physical and human resources.
  13. To ensure that the University complies at all times with legislation, regulations and advisory recommendations insofar as these affect the University.
  14. To ensure that the University's activities reflect those of an environmentally responsible and sustainable organisation.
  15. To establish such sub-committees of UET as may be required for particular projects/initiatives.
  16. To separately convene the UET membership in order to meet other University objectives as required.


C. Membership


The University Executive Team comprises the following members (as may be amended from time to time):

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Deputy Chair)
  • Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Employer and Economic Engagement)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) and Head of College (Business, Law and Social Sciences)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Culture) and Head of College (Art, Architecture, Design and Humanities)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of College (Science and Technology)
  • Chief Operating Officer and Registrar
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Marketing and Communications.


D. Servicing and Support


Servicing and support for UET will be provided by the Governance Services Team.

Papers are to be received by the Governance Services Team by the close of business on the Wednesday preceding the next meeting unless agreed otherwise.


E. Meeting Schedule


Subject to proposed agenda content, meetings of UET will be held weekly.


October 2017