SPUR 2017/18

Project proposals are now invited for the next round of the Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers scheme (SPUR).

The SPUR scheme offers bursaries for NTU students to collaborate with staff on research projects during Summer 2018. Staff have the opportunity to mentor and receive assistance from an undergraduate student during the vacation, while participating students gain research experience and contribute to the production of new knowledge. SPUR projects also feed back into the curriculum to benefit the wider student community.

This year, in addition to the usual twelve SPUR bursaries available, there are two TILT-sponsored bursaries for projects related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Colleagues may propose projects for staff and students to collaborate on research into learning and teaching which demonstrates the potential to enhance the student academic experience

The deadline for proposals for SPUR 2017/18 is 22 January, 2018. To discuss ideas or request feedback on your proposal, please contact ADQSPUR@ntu.ac.uk by 18 December, 2017.

SPUR 2017/18 Guidance and Application Form 

SPUR Overview


SPUR 2016/17 Celebration Event

TILT hosted a SPUR Undergraduate Research Celebration event on 16th November. This was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of students and staff who collaborated on research projects through SPUR and associated school and related schemes during the summer of 2017.

Students presented their research posters and received certificates of participation to recognise their efforts. Supervisors were also on hand to discuss how they will use SPUR to develop research-based curriculum for the benefit of the wider student community.

Photographs from this event will soon be available on this page.


SPUR 2016/17 Poster Tour

A selection of posters from SPUR 2016/17 are now on tour across the University. Our campus libraries are hosting a small exhibition on the following dates:

Boots Library – 20th - 26th November
Clifton Library – 27th November - 3rd December
Brackenhurst Library – 4th - 10th December