Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award

Nominations for the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Award 2016-17 are are now closed. The nominations received are currently being considered by a selection panel, which is co-chaired by the Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor and NTSU President.

From this year's nominees two colleagues will also be selected to receive the Vice-Chancellor's Outstanding Teacher Award. The winners of this award will embody distinguished teaching and learning, as either an early career or established teacher.

Each winner will receive £2,000 to use for professional development, and will be presented with their award at graduation. 

This award has been won previously by:


  • Doreen Connor (EDU)
  • Sarah Davies (EDU)
  • Ronan Fitzsimons (AAH)
  • Pamela Henderson (NLS)
  • Dr James Hind (SST)
  • Nicky-Jane Kerr-Gilbert (EDU)
  • Andrew O'Hagan (SST)
  • Dr Chris Reynolds (AAH)


  • Rachael Blazewicz-Bell (EDU)
  • Jo Boylan-Kemp (NLS)
  • Dr Ben Clutterbuck (ARES)
  • Justine Davidson (A&D)
  • Catherine Gripton (EDU)
  • Nick Prior (ADBE)


  • Dr Matthew Ashton (SSS)
  • Victoria Brown (EDU)
  • Alan Crisp (ADBE)
  • Tina Downes (A&D)
  • Dr David Fairhurst (SST)
  • Dr Michael Loughlin (SST)
  • Dr Nicholas Morton (AAH)
  • Anthony Ward (ADBE)


  • Professor Robert Ackrill (NBS)
  • Jane Challinor (SSS)
  • Dr Tony Harris (EDU)
  • Rowena Hill (SSS)
  • Dr Chris Royle (ARES)
  • Dr Graham Sharpe (SST)
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Nick Prior
Justine Davidson at an ALTC event
Rachael Blazewicz-Bell
David Fairhurst
Tina Downes