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SCALE-UP is an active learning approach combining peer teaching, flipped and enquiry-based methods and professional skills development through group activity. The approach has been linked with improving conceptual understanding, problem-solving and engagement, decreasing attainment gaps and reducing failure rates. NTU now has 12 dedicated SCALE-UP classrooms at City and Clifton,  which incorporate bespoke classroom design and specialised equipment. For support with any SCALE-UP related matters, from timetabling to adapting curriculum, contact:



Coming in 2017

TILT Course Leader Conference 2017 - 16 May
Conference theme: Working in partnership with students

TILT Festival of Learning 2017 - 27-29 June
Conference theme: Creating communities






The University's framework, procedures and processes for assuring and enhancing the standards and quality of academic provision. Includes an overview of committee terms of reference and membership.

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New resources are now available to download from our Success for All: Advancing Inclusive Curricula and Pedagogies symposium that took place on Wednesday 5th April.