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SCALE-UP: Student-Centred Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies

Combining group activities, peer teaching, flipped learning and enquiry-based approaches, SCALE-UP offers an engaging alternative to traditional lectures.

SCALE-UP rooms feature circular tables, shared laptops and mirroring technology, to support student centred activities designed to foster enquiry-based collaboration. The SCALE-UP environment promotes collaborative learning opportunities via strategically assigned groups with assigned roles.

SCALE-UP has demonstrable benefits for student learning, including improvements in conceptual understanding, transferable skills development, engagement and satisfaction.

Originally developed by Prof. Robert Beichner to teach calculus at North Carolina State University, SCALE-UP is now used globally in over 375 organisations and a variety of disciplines.

Extensive evaluations of SCALE-UP at North Carolina found several benefits for learning, including enhanced problem-solving ability, increased conceptual understanding, and higher attendance, attainment and satisfaction. For further information, see NCSU .

For information about, and support for, SCALE-UP at NTU, click on the links below, email ntuscaleup, or contact CADQ Research and Development Team Leader Ellie Kennedy.