Case studies

Irene Rogan
3D printed Diatom

Artist Irene Rogan approached Nottingham Trent University to see if it was possible to make a macro-sized model of microscopic algae. Such a model could be used for both artistic purposes and a teaching aid.

Irene’s interest in sustainability led to her undertaking a residency in Finland. She has collaborated with both Dr Richard Gordon, Theoretical Biologist at Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Florida, and with Dr Mary Ann Tiffany, a Marine Biologist based in the USA, on the modelling of diatoms.

Diatoms are a major group of microscopic algae used by environmentalists to indicate environmental conditions. They are also being investigated as a potential source of nanotech-biofuels. Irene wanted help to create a macro-scale 3D model of an example diatom, to be used as a teaching aid.