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Open Dome Event - A Yard Stick for the Solar System - Part 2

Date: Friday 19 September 2014
Time: 8 pm - 10 pm
Location: CELS, Nottingham Trent University, NG11 8NS
Audience in CELS

We learn already in primary school that the Sun is the centre of our Solar System and that our eight planets are millions of kilometres away from the Sun. Why isn't the Earth the centre, since everything seems to orbit us? If the planets are so far away, only modern space crafts would be able to measure these vast distances? But all of this was achieved by the ancient Greeks and later refined and corrected by astronomers such as Copernicus and Cassini.

The event will start at 8 pm with Mr T Ahmed (AstroCom) presenting his talk A Yard Stick for the Solar System - Part 2 where he will build upon his first introduction to the ancient Greeks and their distance measuring. Starting from a geocentric model of the solar system he will then guide us to how Copernicus developed the heliocentric model. It will also include the method used to determine the distances to the planets applied by 17th century astronomers. This talk will be followed by a brief introduction on what is visible in this month's sky.

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