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Wednesday 19 April 2017

NTU students now receive a HEAR!

HEAR - Higher Education Achievement Report
HEAR - Higher Education Achievement Report

The Higher Education Achievement Report, otherwise known as the HEAR, is launching at Nottingham Trent University this January! There’s no need to worry about organising this when you get here, NTU have already registered all eligible students ready for term two.

The HEAR is an electronic document that supports your degree certificate when you graduate, by including a report of your academic and extra-curricular successes from your time at NTU.


  • All undergraduate full time and sandwich course students are eligible for a HEAR
  • Postgraduate, part time and students that have part of their degree verified by another University are not eligible for a HEAR.

Access to the HEAR is through a company called Gradintel. You will receive communications around HEAR the week commencing 23 January, and you need to register with Gradintel when prompted to access your HEAR.

A formative copy of your HEAR will be available for you to view. A final up-to-date HEAR will be available to view at the end of the academic year.

Extra-curricular activity
It is important that all extra-curricular achievements noted in the HEAR are fully validated by NTU. The activities noted below will appear in the HEAR as they are supported by extensive data and so have credibility to a broad range of audiences.

Only certain extra-curricular activities and achievements will be eligible and therefore included on the HEAR. These include:

  • Acceler8 (NTU’s Employability award)
  • Sports awards
  • Volunteering awards
  • Roles with Nottingham Trent Students' Union 
  • Departmental awards
  • SPUR (Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers

The HEAR is a great tool to contribute towards your employability profile. Make the most of your time at NTU, use the Employability Team and their range of services and graduate with a HEAR that will make you stand out. Visit to find out more.

To find out more information please contact or visit




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