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Accelerometer embedded in the honeycomb of an NTU observation hive (Pic M-T Ramsey)

Surprised honeybees give ‘whooping signal’ in the hive, study shows

A honeybee signal – widely thought to be used by bees in the hive to prevent one another from advertising the location of food – could also be a response to being startled or surprised, according to scientists.

15 February 2017
The findings have the potential to influence athletes' dietary and training practices
Protein and carbohydrate intake after exercise can have a beneficial impact on bone health and could help to stave off serious injury among athletes, new research suggests.
17 February 2017
Achaeological dig at the site
Archaeologists working on the construction of a new creative and digital learning space for Nottingham Trent University and Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies have unearthed the best preserved medieval site seen in Nottingham for 15 years.
15 February 2017
Project lead Professor Daizhong Su
Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have developed a way to analyse online consumer reviews and social media to help designers create better informed products.
15 February 2017
Ellen Williams will be competing in 'I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here!'
A scientist at Nottingham Trent University will be trying to win the votes of school pupils across the country when they quiz her about her research as part of a national competition.
13 February 2017
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