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Josh Lockwood in front of two paintings at the exhibition

Exhibition explores the evolution of painting

The history of painting will be explored in a new exhibition of four contemporary artists whose work broadens and challenges our understanding of the traditional medium.

13 January 2017
L-R: Professors Helen Shipton, Greg Bamber, Nelarine Cornelius, David Knights
The Centre for People, Innovation and Performance successfully chaired an event aimed at encouraging successful research funding.
19 December 2016
Winning 'Doc-umentary' photo: Driven to distraction
The NTU Doctoral School held its annual Postgraduate Research Conference earlier this month, which aims to recognise the successes of our PhD and Professional Doctorate students.
14 December 2016
busy shopping street
It is hoped that the example of a Belgian city could help to revive UK high streets, as a delegation of senior retail and local authority representatives travel to Roeselare to study how it has transformed its retail scene.
9 December 2016
Dust from western Africa pushing across the Atlantic Ocean on easterly winds
The way in which man-made acids in the atmosphere interact with the dust that nourishes our oceans has been quantified by scientists for the first time.
7 December 2016
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