Schools, Colleges and Community Outreach Team


Team: Nottingham Trent Volunteering
Purpose: Creating collaborative opportunities to change lives
Bio: Nottingham Trent Volunteering collaborates with a wide range of organisations in order to make a positive contribution to our local and global communities. We build and maintain meaningful relationships internally and externally in order to tackle a variety of significant social issues utilising the attributes and expertise of our talented NTU staff and students. We believe that civic engagement activities inspire and develop the essential values, skills and sense of social cohesion and belonging for NTU colleagues and learners, which ultimately enriches the whole NTU experience.

Team: Outreach Team
Purpose: Empowering learners to succeed
Bio: We are a team of passionate individuals, dedicated to empowering learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed and make informed choices about their futures. The Outreach Team believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to learn, achieve, build their skills and develop their character. Using innovative pedagogy informed by research, we increase student engagement, attainment and access to HE. By preparing young people for HE study, we facilitate their transition and contribute to their future success. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in developing NTU students by training and employing them to support the delivery of our programmes. Students working on our schemes will spend over 13,000 hours of their time acting as role models and supporting attainment in local schools in the 17/18 academic year.

Team: Data, Research and Communications Team
Purpose: Connecting people, ideas and evidence to advance social mobility
Bio: The Data, Communications and Research team enable SCCO to deliver data-driven and research-informed programmes that engage with potential and current students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Working passionately and proactively with internal and external stakeholders, we nurture meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships that enable our target groups to achieve personal and academic goals. Proud at having made a major contribution to winning University of the Year, we want you to help us further this: help us to harness the potential of the disadvantaged students within your school and those you’re yet to meet. Help us to make NTU the University of the future.

Team: Student Engagement team
Purpose: Enhancing student engagement and success
Bio: The Student Engagement Team work within NTU to find ways to maximise students’ opportunities to engage with their courses and overcome potential barriers such as socioeconomic disadvantage, prior education, personal motivation and sense of purpose. We are primarily focused on the use of the NTU Student Dashboard. This award-winning learning analytics resource enables students to understand how they are engaging with their course. It empowers tutors and other staff to support students in need. Our work is closely aligned with the University’s Success for All strategy and focuses on how we integrate Dashboard within the institutional ecosystem, for example developing tutorials and improving attendance monitoring. We work with a number of European universities, researching ways to improve student outcomes and inform institutional policies and practices.

Team: Collaborative Engagement and Retention Team
Purpose: Cultivating strong communities across the University to enhance student engagement and retention
Bio: The Collaborative Engagement and Retention Team (CERT) work in partnership with Academic Schools, Professional Services and the Students’ Union to design, develop and implement interventions that enhance the engagement, retention and progression of students at Nottingham Trent University.CERT’s first data driven and student centric initiative is a peer mentoring programme. Student mentors are recruited, trained and deployed across the University to support every first year student with their transition into University and throughout their first year experience. Mentors, who are in their second or final year of study, are matched with mentees that are studying the same course as them.
Mentors welcome first years into their course community and offer encouragement and guidance. Mentors are both integrated into the existing curriculum and coordinate independent activities to encourage a sense of belonging amongst the undergraduate students.

Team: Progression Team
Purpose: Empowering students to seize opportunities and discover a sense of belonging to NTU
Bio: The Progression Team deliver several successful programmes that empower students to seize opportunities and develop a sense of belonging to NTU. We work with young people from as young as seven, to the end of their first year at University. We encourage primary schoolchildren to explore extra-curricular opportunities, and reward them for being engaged. We support school and college students throughout their studies by offering academic, cultural and social activities. We also help school and college students make informed decisions about their future by organising work experience placements at the University. We deliver a large programme of activity and communications to support and settle students once they arrive at University, and to open their eyes to the full range of opportunities available to them. In these ways, we support the journey of young people through education.For a flavour of the Progression Team’s opportunities, please see: NTU Progression Scheme , Work Inspiration Scheme and Children’s University.

Team: Schools Liaison Team
Purpose: Enabling students to make the right choices through quality interactions
Bio: The Schools Liaison Team work with sixth forms and colleges across the UK and have developed a reputation for providing a professional, informative and valuable service to sixth forms, colleges and their students. The team are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the benefits of higher education to A level and BTEC students via a number of services. These include interactive sessions in sixth forms and colleges, Experience Days onsite at NTU in a range of different subjects, Campus Visit days at any of our campus’s and representing NTU at UCAS Exhibitions and other HE Fairs around the country. The sessions we deliver aim to equip participants with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their future and make a successful transition to higher education.

Team: Project Support
Purpose: Enabling our people to function effectively
Bio: The Project Support team provides an Administrative service to all the functional areas within SCCO. Project Support ensures that functional teams have the necessary support to comply with NTU’s internal processes and procedures essential to carry out our work. Project Support are knowledgeable in ensuring compliance to the wider university central services and functions, eg. room bookings, catering and financial regulations. We actively seek to provide a good customer service to all stakeholders: SCCO colleagues, the whole NTU community, other educational institutions, practitioners, learners, parents, as well as external partners such as suppliers and professional contacts. We do this by having a thorough understanding of the remit of SCCO, the needs of our stakeholders and aligning these to ensure a smooth fit within the University and the wider NTU community.

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