Your personal statement

Your personal statement backs up your application form and can sometimes be a deciding factor of whether you are offered a place on a course or not.

It is important to take time over writing your personal statement, you only have 4,000 characters (including spaces), this equals 47 lines. You may want to think about the below as a guide to the structure and download our UCAS booklet PDF icon which has further details about the application process and top tips for writing your personal statement.

Style and structure

  • Be positive about yourself
  • Write about all the skills you have which will make you a good candidate for the course
  • Whenever you say you have a skill or quality you must demonstrate how / where / when you acquired it
  • Demonstrate you have a broad range of skills
  • Avoid starting lots of sentences with the word I

Talking about the course

  • Explain why you want to study the course and what you like about the subject
  • Show that you have enthusiasm for the subject and a genuine passion to learn
  • Mention any experiences that confirm your interest in the subject

Work Experience

  • Some courses may require you to already have work experience
  • Talk about your role and responsibilities as part of the experience
  • All work experience is beneficial

Outside Interests

  • Talk about interesting hobbies and achievements
  • Highlight the skills you have learnt or developed from your outside interests
  • Conclusion: finish by briefly summarising why you want to go to university - think about the whole experience.
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