The Volunteering Team in SCCO run opportunities for staff to volunteer in their local community. Whilst supporting the local community, volunteering is also a credible way of developing competency-related skills among our staff. We run projects which involve local schools and community organisations.

This scheme has been recognised through winning a Universities Human Resources (UHR) Award for High Performance HR in recognition of the work done to link volunteering with staff development. The University was also a winner in the Local Impact Award for the Employee Volunteering Company of the Year category in the Responsible Business Awards – East Midlands 2013.

The opportunities open to NTU staff to volunteer include:

Volunteering with schools

Volunteering in schools as a Right to Read, Breakfast Club or Number Partners volunteer involves supporting children and young people at various stages of their school career and can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The difference made by volunteers in schools is significant and the time spent is hugely appreciated.

  • Right to Read Scheme - This is a scheme which involves volunteers providing a regular commitment of one hour each week to develop pupil literacy levels through supporting a child's reading.
  • Breakfast Clubs - This programme, coordinated by Business in the Community, provides children with a healthy breakfast (which is proven to help aid their concentration, attendance and social interaction), while also allowing their parents the opportunity to access work or training.
  • Number Partners - This is a scheme which involves volunteers providing a regular commitment of one hour each week to support groups of pupils in improving their number skills and confidence through math's games and open discussion.

Volunteering in governance

Volunteering in governance either as a charity trustee or a school governor enables staff to take up strategic positions, which support the development and direction of an organisation. These are great opportunities to make a significant contribution and also help staff to develop higher-level skills.

  • School Governor - This opportunity is a personal voluntary commitment but NTU will support those that take this on, to enable them to fulfil the role if time needs to be taken within their normal working hours.
  • Charity Trustee - This opportunity is a personal voluntary commitment, but NTU will support those that take this on, to enable them to fulfil the role if time needs to be taken within normal working hours.

Volunteering in the community

Local charities and community organisations can benefit from staff time, skills and experience. These opportunities can be undertaken on an individual basis, or alongside colleagues, and are a great way to get involved in the local community.

  • Community volunteering - There are many community organisations and charities in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas who require volunteers to help deliver their services, often forming an integral function within the organisation. This opportunity enables staff to volunteer within an organisation on a regular basis, if the volunteering opportunity takes place within normal working hours.
  • Team challenges - A team challenge involves a group of staff undertaking a specific piece of work within the community. It has a dual purpose in that it benefits the team undertaking it (from a development perspective) and it directly benefits the community in terms of the practical help and support which the activity provides. These challenges range from gardening projects or decorating a community space.

"Since volunteering, I have become much more aware of the circumstances in which some children live. I try to pass on my own love of reading, and the joy of starting a new book and wondering what's going to happen. Seeing the children's reading improve, and watching them tackle longer and more advanced books, makes me feel very proud."
Angela – NTU Libraries and Learning Resources

To get your school or organisation involved in our staff volunteering schemes please contact the volunteering team.