About HEAR

What is your HEAR?

Your HEAR provides an in-depth report of your academic and extra-curricular achievements during your time at NTU. HEARs are issued to all undergraduate full-time and sandwich students. The HEAR document also provides you with a perpetual transcript of your studies.
The HEAR is a formal, electronic document which provides a rich and three dimensional picture of your achievements at NTU. Make the most of the opportunities available during your time at NTU to develop an impressive HEAR.
It is divided into sections and validates your achievements from your time at NTU. Information included in your HEAR is

  • Personal details
  • Qualification status
  •  Module Information
  • Assessment results
  •  NTU verified extra-curricular activities

Your HEAR is an online report which can be viewed electronically throughout your studies and after you graduate. The HEAR can help you to monitor your progress and identify any missed opportunities so you can make the most of the wide and varied experiences that NTU has to offer.
Whilst your HEAR is not a direct replacement for a CV or job application, it can be used as a complimentary document that provides future employers verified evidence of your university achievements. You can choose to share it with potential employers.

Please note that only undergraduate full-time and sandwich course students are eligible to receive a HEAR. If you are a part time undergraduate student or study on a postgraduate programme you will not receive a HEAR. 
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