Participant feedback

Feedback from people who have taken part in our schemes is extremely important to us. At the end of each academic year we survey students, teacher and learners who have participated, so that we can find out what people really think. This helps us to identify areas for development, provide interested students with a realistic picture of what the schemes are really like and also helps us to demonstrate the impact of the schemes.

Student comments

  • "I really enjoyed the scheme. It has been one of the most enjoyable, fun and lasting experiences of the year and I would advise anyone to do it."
  • "What a great experience! My time spent in school has given me great confidence to progress on to a career in teaching."
  • "Brilliant opportunity. Thanks to this I got a place on the NTU PGCE course."
  • "Every day I would wake up happy and willing to go to work, and this by itself says a lot. It was wonderful."
  • "It was a really fun thing to do and a nice break from university work. It was extremely rewarding and interesting. Very good pay and hours and a very rare opportunity that you will struggle to find after graduating."
  • "The scheme awards you with such an interesting and unforgettable experience, which I treasure a lot. It is not just a job but you actually leave the school thinking "I might have made a difference today."
  • "The scheme has been the highlight of my year."

View the profiles of some of the students who've participated in our schemes.

Teacher comments:

  • "This is the best thing that has happened in my school in 35 years of teaching."
  • "The students gave me new ideas for teaching with."
  • "It was a positive experience and well worth taking part in."
  • "She has been brilliant. She has worked very hard with individual pupils preparing for exams and has been extremely well organised, caring and flexible."
  • "The student has been a pleasure to work with and an asset to the school."
  • "I was very impressed with the student's attitude. She provided our students with an excellent role model. I would welcome future visits."