International volunteering

International volunteering

Volunteering overseas gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet new people while challenging yourself to develop and share your skills. It's your chance to contribute towards the aims and goals of one of our fantastic projects and the communities you will visit. Enhancing your life experience and being part of a shared goal to help develop the global community you are part will make a great addition to your CV!

Financial assistance

We want to ensure all students get equal opportunities at NTU. Much emphasis is placed on enabling students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their goals, regardless of their background. We understand that sometimes the cost of international volunteering can act as a barrier to some students when applying to take part. We encourage you to apply for these opportunities, as there is some financial assistance available for students as determined by data from Student Finance England. Not only will you get the opportunity to help these charities in need, you'll also get invaluable cultural experiences and transferable life skills that will be appealing to potential future employers.

If you'd like to find out more about international volunteering, or if you're eligible for financial assistance, please email us.  


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Sourcing your own International Volunteering

If you are interested in international volunteering, then we would suggest that you look into the opportunities above in the first instance.

However, if you can't find what you are looking for there, you will need to look into sourcing your own volunteering. To begin with, it would be good to look into the organisations supported by the International Citizen Service. But as with any volunteering abroad, you will need to look into the opportunities very carefully. Make sure you are happy with how your money is spent, the ethics and nature of the organisation you are going with and what involvement the local community have in the opportunity. Look at our ethical volunteering page for more information.

Children in Uganda
Student Volunteer in Romania
Student Volunteer hand printing wall in Sri Lanka
Student volunteers build a playground in Uganda