Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way of not only helping the local community, but also helping yourself. In the current job market standing out from the crowd is essential and volunteering could do this for you! Get in touch with us to see where volunteering could take you.

Gain confidence and personal skills

In our annual evaluations students highlighted that volunteering:

  • adds something special to the student experience
  • increases self-confidence and self-esteem
  • links you with networks in the local community
  • gives you a chance to escape the student bubble and meet other people
  • helps you make new friends
  • makes you feel like you are contributing to something of value.

Make a difference in the community

Take the opportunity to:

  • Bring enthusiasm and energy to community organisations and projects.
  • Share skills or knowledge which can benefit local organisations.
  • Build a relationship with the local community.

Boost your CV

  • Develop key skills such as team working, effective communication and your organisational ability.
  • Undertake leadership roles,
  • Enhance your work experience on your CV.
  • Demonstrate to future employers that you have commitment, passion and are willing to put in extra.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Completed volunteering can be verified by Nottingham Trent Volunteering and is eligible for your HEAR, which is a great tool to contribute towards your employability profile. To find out more about HEAR visit the website.

Gain training and qualifications

We really value the contributions the students involved in Nottingham Trent Volunteering make to the local community. We want to recognise you for the volunteering you do and also provide opportunities for you to expand your skills and gain accreditation.

Therefore we:

  • Celebrate volunteers' achievements each year through the annual Student Volunteering Recognition Event. This thanks and Acknowledges all our student volunteers for their hard work over the academic year.
  • Provide students who lead a student led project with training on leadership, teamwork, problem solving, effective communication, working with school children and safeguarding so they are able to run sessions with an impact on our local schools.
  • Link our student volunteers to Acceler8, where volunteering is a great way of contributing to your hours of experience required for the Award. For more information, please see Acceler8.





Student volunteer helping out in a classroom
Students raising a glass
Sports mascot and student
Volunteer with students