Student Transition Survey

Are you new to NTU?

If so, this is your chance to tell us about your first couple of months here. The survey is specifically aimed at undergraduates who are in their first year of study at NTU.

Why complete the survey?

The survey provides students the opportunity to reflect on their first few months at NTU as well as their transition into Higher Education. It will help to shape developments across the University such as the Student Dashboard, learning and teaching, and support for students. This will help improve the experience for both you and students in the future.

Students are asked a range of questions about university life as well as the challenges and difficulties which they may have faced in their first couple of months at NTU.

How to take part

The 2017 survey is now complete. 

The 2018 survey will be running from 26 February to 9 March; a link to complete will soon be available.  



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