Prepare for PGCE Primary

Welcome to the PGCE Primary pre-course website
2017 Entry

The course starts on Tuesday 29th August 2017. We look forward to meeting you again, working with you over the year and supporting you as you work to become an excellent primary teacher.

We have organised this pre-course site to help you to prepare for the PGCE year and you will find a variety of tasks and suggestions to engage with.

Some of these are essential and you will need to come in at the end of August having completed them. Some are additional which will be beneficial in developing your understanding.

It is important that you reflect on your own needs and experience to make sure you make the best use of what is available. There are also many suggestions for reading, activities, videos and websites within this site, all of which will be useful. However prioritising areas in which you feel least confident is a productive approach (as well as exploring areas of particular interest).

The course structure
The PGCE Primary award was redefined nationally in 2007 and re-titled the Professional Graduate (rather than Postgraduate) Certificate in Education.

All modules of the PGCE Primary will be assessed at degree level (Level 6), and with the third and final module also being assessed at Masters level (Level 7). The successful completion of the course with all 120 credits at Level 6 will result in an award of the Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (ProfGCE). Students who also achieve 60 Masters level credits (Level 7) will gain the alternative award of Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). The achievement of gaining Masters level credits will also grant candidates fast-track entry onto Masters courses offered by NTU and other universities.

Essential: QTS skills tests
You will not be able to take up the offer of a place on the PGCE course unless you have passed the QTS Professional Skills Tests.

Visit the numeracy and the literacy webpages for further information and to try the practice tests.

Essential: Evaluating the core subjects
After you have read and followed the guidance in the Core Subject Sections, you need to complete these evaluations. Please bring completed copies of all three sheets with you on Tuesday 29th August 2017 as they will be used as part of a discussion with your professional tutor.

Essential: Your knowledge and confidence in the wider curriculum subjects
After you have explored the wider curriculum section and accessed the National Curriculum you need to complete this evaluation of your confidence related to:

  • your knowledge of these aspects of the primary curriculum, and
  • your confidence related to how you might teach them.

Please bring the completed evaluation on Tuesday 29th August 2017. You will need to hand this in and the information will be distributed to the tutors teaching the wider curriculum subjects to help tailor the course for your needs.

Essential: Academic Writing Familiarisation
We assume you are a confident writer and that you are prepared for the academic nature of the course. However, the NTU Survival Guide to Assignment Writing offers writing support and help with reviewing this before the course begins.

Contact details
If you have any further queries, please contact:

Rachel Priestnall, PGCE Subject administrator: 0115 848 4884 -,
Kate Harris, PGCE recruitment Administrator: 0115 838 3322 –