Code of practice

Entitlement to service 

All Nottingham Trent University students have the right of access to the full facilities offer by the Employability Team, and graduates of NTU will have access to the full facilities up to three years after graduation.

Graduates from other UK Universities will have free access to the Employability Team information facilities only, up to three years after graduation.

We aim to provide all our clients with a service which is free from unlawful and unfair discrimination and welcomes diversity.

Reception of clients

  • Staff will be available at all times during opening hours and the Resource Areas will be clearly signposted and well organised.
  • All enquiries will be dealt with promptly, effectively and pleasantly, with priority given to enquirers over other work. Full account will be taken of the particular situation and needs of the user.
  • All users will be kept informed of the progress of their enquiry and where necessary referral will be made to an appropriate body.

Information provision

  • All users will have access to employability information, including occupational, employer and course information which is easily accessible and user-friendly.
  • The nature of the information will be comprehensive and wide ranging, reflecting differing user needs. All information will be regularly updated.
  • Incoming correspondence and employability information, including vacancies will be handled promptly and effectively with consideration given to priority of information. All correspondence will be date-stamped and actioned or filed within five days of receipt.
  • Email/telephone enquiries and information requests will be actioned within five working days.

Vacancy handling

  • The Employability Team uses an Online Careers Management System Prospects Net, for the effective management of vacancies, which includes placements, work experience and voluntary work opportunities. The system also enables employers to post their own vacancies online.
  • Vacancies will be handled as effectively as possible with an established system of communicating details of vacancies to students before deadlines, including circulation to Schools.
  • Specialised vacancies will be sent directly to appropriate courses within five working days.

Careers guidance

  • All students will have access to Careers Guidance which will be impartial and clearly focused, with full consideration given to the skills, qualities, background and experience of the user. All users will be actively involved in and will understand the process of the careers guidance interview, and will have a clear idea of what to do next. Confidentiality will be assured at all times.


  • Booking and visiting procedures for employers who wish to interview students or make presentations will be clear and unambiguous. Departments will be notified of visiting organisations where deemed appropriate.
  • All employers who request it will have access to information on Employability Team facilities, suitable methods of contacting and recruiting students and the programmes of study offered at the University.
  • Accommodation for employers visiting the University Employability Team will be tidy, adequately furnished and resourced with any items requested in advance.

Careers education

  • All final year students will have access to careers education which takes full consideration of their particular circumstances and their vocational needs.
  • An annual programme of events including employer presentations, skills seminars and information events will be organised to supplement the careers education programme.
  • All final year students will be informed of both the careers education programme and the annual programme of events.

Marketing and publicity

  • The Employability Team will provide a wide range of publicity and information materials, including on-line facilities, to meet the needs of its different user groups. This information will be well-focused and updated with attention paid to design and content.
  • Both internal and external networks of communication will be established to market and publicise the Employability Team and to maximise the impact of its information.
  • All Employability Team publicity including Student eNews, website, Staff eNews outlets in the University, including the website, course notice boards and information points will be updated at least once a month.


  • The Employability Team will provide a confidential service, personal information will not be passed to a third party without the individuals' prior knowledge and permission.
  • 'Quick Queries' may be in an open area. If you prefer a more private setting please let us know.

Comments and suggestions

If you wish to let us know of any experiences good or bad please do so by using a comments and suggestions card available in any of our Information Resource Areas at our Employability Centres. All comments are welcome as we consider all client feedback, positive and negative, when planning for the future. If you do have a complaint, this, in the first instance will be considered by the Head of the Employability Team as part of the University's Student Charter and Complaints Procedure.

Thank you for your cooperation.

May 2011