Equality and Diversity

The University's Equal Opportunities Policy states:

'Nottingham Trent University aims to foster a community with an atmosphere of trust, harmony and respect. It is committed to the elimination of both direct and indirect discrimination, and will take appropriate action wherever possible to enforce its Equal Opportunities Policy.

The University will actively implement positive policies to promote equality of opportunity for all present and potential students and staff, regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, political or religious beliefs, membership of professional associations or trade unions, disability, marital status, family responsibility and social class. This commitment applies to all individuals and all aspects of the University’s life.'

In light of this:

The Employability Team aims to provide a service of value and relevance to the needs of all students enrolled at Nottingham Trent. We aim to provide the environment, resources and programmes which will enable students to maximise his/her potential given their personal talents, ambitions and circumstances.

We take steps to ensure that careers education and guidance is impartial and unbiased and that through initial training and continuous professional development activities. Employability staff are able to support students from all backgrounds, particularly with reference to any specific barriers they may face, such as handling discrimination or disclosure of disability or appropriate cultural awareness.

We do recognise that there are groups of students who, for specific reasons, may face additional barriers in the pursuit of their careers. We aim to work with such students to enable them to recognise these barriers, and their potential effect, and offer a flexible advice and guidance service. In particular we aim to support the needs of students who may experience disadvantage on account of their gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, spent criminal conviction or any other inappropriate grounds.

The Employability Team is a member of the professional body for advice and guidance AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) fully encompasses the AGCAS Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Practice for Member Services.


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