Applications and CVs

The main purpose of writing any application or sending a CV is to get an interview. An employer may spend as little as 60 seconds scanning your application before discarding it so your submission has to:

  • attract attention
  • arouse interest
  • make the employer want to meet you.

Use MyCareerExplorer's CV Builder to will help you to:

  • analyse job requirements from an advert or a CV
  • complete a CV or job application to meet the job requirements
  • write a covering letter to summarise your application.

Analysing the job vacancy

Writing an effective application is time consuming. There is little point in completing one unless it is done well. Before you rush to make an application, spend some time analysing the vacancy:

  • Do you meet most of the requirements of the job?
  • Do you understand what the job involves?
  • Do you know enough about the organisation?
  • Do you want the job?

Use our online resource to build your CV and access employer guidance . You will need your NTU ID and password.