Aptitude testing

Employers use a range of tests to measure your ability and personal style.

Ability tests

Ability tests attempt to establish an individual's aptitude in various areas. They are normally completed with paper and pencil but may be offered online. They are usually timed and may cover the following areas:

  • Numerical reasoning: your ability to interpret data from statistical tables
  • Accuracy is essential. Revise basic arithmetic and practise calculations without a calculator
  • Verbal reasoning and comprehension: your ability to evaluate the logic of a given statement
  • Diagrammatic reasoning: your ability to recognise a logical sequence within a series of diagrams or symbols.

Current students - Practice tests

  • NTU Employability Team provide free access to a range of tests on Employability Online.
  • We have the following tests for you to practice numerical, verbal, logical, critical thinking, diagrammatic, error checking, e-tray, inductive and situational judgement.



Students at a careers fair