You may be asked to make a short presentation as part of the assessment process. The subject material may be given to you prior to your attendance or shortly before you are due to present on the day. A good presentation should be relevant, structured and interesting. It will demonstrate your self confidence in working under pressure within a demanding time schedule and show you can communicate effectively with your audience.

Planning your presentation

  • Keep your presentation short and simple - allow time for questions.
  • Find out whether there will be any visual aids (e.g. OHP) available for the presentation.
  • You will need three or four ideas to develop during your presentation and give it shape.

The framework for your presentation could be historical - moving from past to present; problem solving - identifying key issues and proposing solutions; experiential - conveying personal experience of success and failure which you can pass on.

Structure your presentation to include an introduction and explanation of what you are going to present, the main body which can be divided into several key points and a summary of what has been covered in your presentation.


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