Practising presentations

  • Practise making presentations to your colleagues and friends.
  • Volunteer to present your project work.
  • Listen to other people making presentations and assess the quality of their communication skills.
  • Seek feedback on your performance. Can you arrange for a video to be made so you can assess your performance.
  • The more you practise the easier it will become.

Delivering your presentation

  • Learn the first few lines off by heart.
  • Make sure your body movements are controlled. Avoid pacing up and down or being rooted to one spot. Try to refrain from habits like scratching your head, jangling coins etc.
  • Deliver your presentation without long pauses and avoid interjecting the following "um, er, you know, sort of" etc.
  • Try to stand at ease without moving around too much and look relaxed. Loosen your shoulders and breathe deeply.
  • Engage the whole audience with eye contact. Look round the room at the audience and make them feel involved and interested in your presentation.
  • Your facial expression should be pleasant. Sometimes fear can give you a frozen and unfriendly look so practise smiling.
  • Your voice needs to be the right volume so it can be easily heard by the audience. Speak with confidence. Vary the tone to avoid monotony and help maintain the attention of the audience.


A student at a careers fair
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