How to achieve the award

How to achieve the award

If completing the award in one year, it is envisaged that you will have been to an Acceler8 launch event and started attending skills sessions by the end of Term One. By the end of February, you will have attended the required number of sessions, gained the necessary hours of experience, submitted your updated CV, and completed the stages of the Acceler8 Profile. The final step is to attend the Acceler8 exit interview.

Acceler8 exit interview

The majority of the exit interviews will take place in March and will involve an individual 20-minute interview. The interviewers consist of representatives from employers, business professionals from industry, and / or professionals from within the University. The interview represents your opportunity to demonstrate all the skills and experiences you have gained throughout both the award and your studies. You should then be in a position to apply these achievements to your future interviews.

Acceler8 Employability Award certificate

Once you have completed all the required stages of the award and your exit interview, you will be issued with your Acceler8 Employability Award certificate.