How it works

What is the Acceler8 Award?

Acceler8 is an employability and personal development programme open to NTU students. It can be completed over a term, a year or more and recognises and rewards the extracurricular experience and skills you have gained. Find out more about Acceler8 for current students.

Open to undergraduates and postgraduate students, the award is an excellent way to show employers your wider skills and experience along with your motivation and commitment. Apply for a place using our brief Acceler8 sign-up form.

Your skills development

The award helps you to build and develop your employability skills through access to a range of workshops and activities. You can choose the skills sessions or activities of your choice to further develop the key skills employers are looking for, or as part of your own personal development.

What experience counts

The award accredits experience gained outside of your studies such as volunteering, paid or unpaid work experience, part-time work, student ambassadorship, or being a student rep. You need to complete a minimum required number of experience hours. All experience must be completed whilst you are a NTU student and must not be a compulsory part of your course.

Reflection and practice

Throughout the award, you will complete an Acceler8 Profile to record and reflect on your experience and practice. At the end, you undertake an individual exit interview with a business professional from industry and / or an NTU professional to articulate your skills and experience in a formal setting.

Meet professionals from industry

Key to the award is the valuable contribution from employers, professionals from industry and NTU, who conduct the Acceler8 exit interviews and deliver on selected skills sessions.

Support on the Award

There is a range of advice and support provided both by the Acceler8 Award Team and the wider Employability Team.