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What Students say about Acceler8

The following are all Acceler8 student comments from the Student Satisfaction and Feedback Survey (2014/15).

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School of Animal Rural and Environmental Sciences

BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology, Final Year
"Thoroughly enjoyed the award and learnt many things which will aid me in my future careers."

BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology, Final Year
"Thoroughly enjoyed the award and feel ready and prepared for future job interviews, applications and job roles."

BSc (Hons) Animal Biology
"Thank you. I think the Acceler8 Award has been really useful."

School of Art and Design

BA Decorative Arts, Year Two
"I'd really recommend the award, especially if you have already completed the required work hours because the award will provide formal recognition for work you've already done."

BA Decorative Arts, Final Year
"Good award to do."

School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment

BA Product Design, Year Two
"It has definitely improved certain skills of mine, and this has shown through securing a placement this year."

BA Architecture, Year Two
"It's been a very helpful learning experience."

School of Arts and Humanities 

BA (Hons) Media and Communication
"The experience gained throughout the course of the award was great. I was able to set clear goals and actually achieve them."

Media Studies with Communication Pathways, Year Two
"The overall award has really helped me expand my knowledge and grow as an individual within the employability sector as well as personal self-awareness."

BA History, Year Two
"It has given me a lot more confidence for when I apply for jobs in the future, especially when it comes to interview preparation and technique as well as adding to my CV."

BA (Hons) History, Year Two
"The Acceler8 Award has improved me as an individual and helped me realise how I can reach my potential."

Nottingham Institute of Education 

Early Years and Special and Inclusive Education, Year Two
"I feel I have gained some valuable skills that will help in the future."

BA Primary Education (QTS), Year Two
"I have loved doing it and found the interview really helpful."

Sport Education and Business Education, Year Two
"Thank you for allowing me to complete this free, easy and flexible programme."

Nottingham Business School 

BA International Business SW, Year One
"It was genuinely enjoyable and I feel that I have taken a lot from this award."

BA International Business, Final Year
"Great to do to give a boost of confidence before entering the real world and helps you feel prepared."

BA International Business with French, Final Year
"I feel like my confidence and outlook on job-hunting have changed for the better."

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, Year Two
"It has really helped me to secure the placement I wanted. Now I am more confident and excited to improve and project my skills and attributes."

Nottingham Law School 

BA International Law, Year Two
"I enjoyed the process and gained many valuable skills. Thank you."

BA Law, Final Year
"Thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions and meeting lots of new people!"

BA Law with Criminology, Year Two
"The award was a great learning experience and I encourage other years to apply."

BA (Hons) Law, Year Two
"The Acceler8 Award is a great opportunity to enhance your CV and to gain useful skills that employers are looking for. It also helps you prepare your mind for what your career goals might be in the future. A great opportunity to do something not related to your course."

BA Law, Year Two
"I have no doubt I will be using what I have learnt from the award for the rest of my working life. The award also allows student to branch out, develop new friendships and meet new people from a range of different courses."

Law with Criminology, Year Two
"Go for it, as you never know what you will learn and pick up on that you didn't already know. Thank you very much for the experience and feedback and knowledge."

"The Acceler8 Award is a fantastic extracurricular award to have successfully completed."

LLM International Trade and Commercial Law
"A great opportunity to practise and improve my employability skills. The programme helped me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses, so I can set a more approachable career plan for my future career."

PhD in Corporate Sustainability, Year Two
"Undertake it with full commitment and you will not be disappointed at all."

School of Science and Technology 

BSc Microbiology, Year Two
"I am glad to have applied for the Acceler8 award as I believe this has improved my confidence in my work, studies and job applications."

BSc Microbiology, Year Two
"Thank you for setting up this award. It's been a great experience."

BSc (Hons) Biological Science (Ecology and Environmental Management), Year Two
"Great award and have recommended to others."

BSc Computer Science, Year Two
"It was very manageable to complete. I learnt a lot from each of the sessions, learning where both my strengths and weaknesses lie."

BSc Sport Science and Management, Year Two
"It has been really good and I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot."

Exercise Nutrition and Health, Year Two
"I really enjoyed the Acceler8 experience. It has definitely got me thinking about my future career and what I need to do in order for me to get a career in my chosen field. It's gave me some confidence too as I was able to reflect on my new skills from new experience and also see my strengths as we sometimes reflect more on our weaknesses. The interview was very beneficial too."

School of Social Sciences 

BA (Hons) Politics, Final Year
"Don't miss the opportunity to apply to Acceler8 Award programme. You'll benefit more than you imagine."

BA Psychology with Sociology, Final Year
"It is a very good award that gets you thinking about transferable skills."

BA Psychology with Criminology, Year Two
"I am really pleased with the outcome of the Acceler8 award. It has made me feel more confident in myself and my ability to compete with other people for a job and sell myself in a positive light."