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Employers tell us that LinkedIn is fast becoming the place for students to network and find job opportunities after university. By joining LinkedIn you'll be able to network with employers and fellow NTU alumni, as well as join industry groups relevant to you.

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LinkedIn and final year students

If you're a final year student, then why not sign up to LinkedIn and join the Nottingham Trent University Alumni Association LinkedIn group for your course/faculty so that you can network with your fellow graduates and alumni employers looking to recruit NTU graduates. 

Top tips: Read these LinkedIn Graduation Tips (supplied by LinkedIn). 

Why get LinkedIn?

89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn.

  • Explore job roles. Find out what jobs there are in your field and what organisations people in that field work for.
  • Identify organisations to connect with by sector or location.
  • Develop contacts for overseas works.
  • Use groups as a first source for finding jobs.
  • Find your way into the hidden jobs market. There are many more jobs than can be found on job sites.
  • Join NTU Alumni groups. Network and find job posts for NTU graduates, further study opportunities, funding an events updates.

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Join the Nottingham Trent University NTU Alumni Association group.

Keep checking Futurehub for further workshops to help you to maximise your LinkedIn profile.