Part-time and casual work

Working part-time in term and holidays is necessary for many students, it is a good supplement to a student loan and a good opportunity for you to develop valuable skills and experience before graduation.

Seasonal and casual work may not be directly relevant to your degree or chosen career, but it is very useful during holidays and can enhance your employability after graduation. There is some good CV-enhancement in any job – self-motivation, team work, self-reliance, and organisational skills can be gained from doing just about anything!

Part-time opportunities

There are a wide range of vacancies including bar work, administration, sports coaching, marketing, and call centre work.

Make sure that your part-time hours won't affect your hours at University, be realistic about the amount of free time you need for coursework, and seek a vacancy, which can fit around these demands.

To find part-time jobs in the area of Nottingham go to JobShop. Part-time jobs for NTU students.

Jobshop and Unitemps

The part-time roles and opportunities available to students through JobShop and Unitemps allow students to develop their skills and gain work experience. These roles and opportunities include work within NTU and local organisations in a wide range of industry such as retail, hospitality, marketing, ambassador work and more!

Nottingham Trent Volunteering

We can help you make the most of some excellent volunteering opportunities through Nottingham Trent Volunteering. In addition, by talking to our consultants and visiting the careers and employability fairs and information events, you can find information on organisations providing overseas travel, gap year work and international voluntary programmes.


Students at a career fair