£10 Challenge

Business Challenge

As part of your IoD Student Membership, you will take part in the £10 Business Challenge. This opportunity tests your strengths and allows you to develop or refine key employability skills such as teamwork, leadership and time management. Set into groups of five, you will be matched with a local business professional who will act as your mentor throughout the challenge. Your aim? To turn £10 into a profit in just ten days, with all proceeds going to the John Van Geest Cancer Research Centre

Hear what our members and mentors have to say

"We only started off with £10 which is a tiny amount of cash. It proved a challenge because it wasn't enough to create an event with. We used our initiative - one of our team members went into businesses in Nottingham to get his hands on some freebies. Raising money off your own back is great, but it feels fantastic when you use your brain as well. At the end of the ten days myself and Team HoneyDew raised over £333.16. A staggering total of £13,000+ was raised collectively by all participating groups."
- William Spilsbury, BA Politics

"I was really proud of my team who collectively raised £423.75 for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. What's more, they stepped out of their comfort zone, gained new skills and demonstrated their entrepreneurial flair!"
- Simon Gray, IoD Mentor and Chief Executive of Nottingham Means Business 





IoD Business Challenge Winners 2015