Benefits of a placement

While there are many reasons why a placement is useful, the main one is that it shows potential employers you have some real world experience working in your chosen industry.

A successful placement demonstrates your ambition and can really make your CV shine. Research also shows that as a student who has done a placement, you will:

  • enhance your graduate employability and be twice as likely to secure a graduate job
  • increase your chances of a better degree classification
  • earn on average £14,000 per year whilst on placement
  • often acquire a graduate position at the same company where you did your placement
  • sometimes get sponsorship for your final year at university
  • test out your career options and be much clearer about the career you want
  • have an impressive CV, with real experience and skills, and
  • gain new contacts, friends and referees who can help you with future job hunting.

Why not follow all of those students and graduates who recommend a work placement as an enjoyable and invaluable experience? Contact us to find out more about the placement opportunities available to you. 








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