Finding a placement

It is important that you start looking for a placement as soon as possible, as you are competing against your fellow students at NTU and quite possibly those from other universities. 

A majority of our students find their placements through InPlace. This website features vacancies from our approved organisations. We also filter the opportunities based on your course, so you will only see vacancies you can apply for!

Alternatively, searching for your own placement can be achieved by writing directly to companies you're interested in or networking on LinkedIn, for example (see LinkedIn's top tips guide). Drop by and see us at the Employability Centre on your campus for advice and help with your CV or cover letters, interview practice and more.

Our big tip is to think about your CV at the start of your course and work out what you can do to give it a boost. Put yourself in an employer's shoes – what do they want to see from you? You could try securing a short work placement over the summer or doing some volunteer work to demonstrate your ambition.

The more time you spend improving your CV, researching companies and preparing for interviews, the better chance you will have of securing the placement you really want.

Further support

Like all jobs, applications and interviews are competitive and we want to help you stand out from the crowd. You can contact the Employability Team, who can:

  • ensure your CV is in top shape
  • help with the application and interview process
  • provide resources, trade magazines, and organisation information
  • inform you on upcoming recruitment fairs and employer events.






TK Maxx at placement fair