Mature students

The core needs of students seeking career guidance, employment or postgraduate study are similar. However the following links are to organisations that provide help for students with particular needs.

If you require help accessing information or services offered by the Employability Team please contact us.

  • Employers Forum on Age - An independent network of employers who recognise the value of an age diverse workforce
  • Campaign Against Age Discrimination in Employment
  • Third Age Employment Network - Support for older people - provide advice and guidance on job seeking and career change; training courses including IT
  • Daphne Jackson Trust - The Trust implements a Fellowship scheme to enable a return to careers in science or engineering through updated knowledge and renewed professional skills
  • Department for Children, Schools and Families
  • Institute for Employment Studies - The work of IES embraces all aspects of public employment policy and HR practice
  • Prospects - The higher education official careers website, provides extensive information on career areas, job seeking, postgraduate study and training.


Students at a careers fair