Further study

Postgraduate study is a popular option for students who have completed a first degree and wish to specialise further.

There are two major ways of studying for a higher degree in the UK:

  • by undertaking research for a doctorate (three years) or a Master's degree (two years)
  • by instruction for a Master's degree.

Finding a course

There are a number of databases which provide details of courses available in the UK

  • Prospects website has a special section on further study for international students, which includes study and research opportunities in the UK and information on funding.
  • The British Council Education UK website has an online postgraduate course database, and information about funding UK study.
  • Full details of courses available at Nottingham Trent University can be found on the University Course Finder.


Funding is a major consideration when assessing the pros and cons of postgraduate study. Although most international students privately fund their UK study there are a number of scholarships and awards available to international students. The following sources may help when researching your options:

Comparability of international qualifications

The UK National Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) provides information and advice on the authenticity and comparability of international qualifications, courses and even institutions. It is a valuable resource for international students needing to compare their qualifications when making applications for study. They provide an advice line for simple queries from students - Telephone: +44 (0)870 990 4088.

You may also want to visit the UCAS website for comparability of international qualifications. There is a searchable database of countries.

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