Which career?

Are you unsure about what you want to do when you graduate? Don't panic – nothing can be gained from making a snap decision. Career planning is a gradual process and involves a number of stages. This section will provide you with useful starting points and links to pertinent career websites.

Career options

Things to think about:

  • What are your values? What do you want from your job?
  • Do have the skills employers are looking for?
  • Are you aware of what is available?
  • Do you need to gain work experience?
  • Do you need to undertake further study?
  • Do you want to work for yourself? 
  • Have you got an idea for a business?

Assessing your skills

Useful resources:

  • Assessing your skills enables you to identify your personal transferable skills and achievements; pinpoint strengths and weaknesses; identify the skills which most employers require and to obtain feedback from a Careers Consultant.
  • Use Prospects ‘What job would suit me?' planner to help you match your skills and interests with relevant occupations, but you will need to think about your responses carefully, as the suggestions made are based solely upon the information you provide.

Generate ideas

Once you have assessed your skills and explored your personal qualities you may need to generate ideas about the different career areas open to you.

  • What do Nottingham Trent Graduates Do?
  • What do Graduates do (the national picture)?
  • What do PhDs do (the national picture)?

'What can I do with my degree?' and 'Your degree, what next?' The options sheets provide examples of how you can use your degree and links to useful sources of information.

Gather information

Your career decisions need to be based on your knowledge of an occupational area rather than your perception of it, so your research into a given area is essential. Listed below are resources to help you:

  • are held by the Employability Team.
  • The Prospects website provides comprehensive graduate careers information including Occupational Profiles which provide in depth information on a range of career areas and employer profiles to assist your research in graduate employment.
  • Prospects Graduate the digital magazine for graduates. Published online every fortnight and packed full of the latest jobs, postgraduate courses, advice and information.
  • Careers publications are available from the Employability Team at the City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses.
  • The section of this website titled provides you with an ideal opportunity to find out about the different job areas available to you.
  • Online Careers Mentoring Programme - this programme allows you to contact, via email, Nottingham Trent Alumni and share their experiences and expertise which may help you in your own career development and training. Access to the Mentoring Programme is via NOW - Resources - Student Information - Careers Mentoring Programme.
  • Prospects - the Employability Team vacancies database which provides opportunities available to Nottingham Trent students and graduates. Prospects also provides comprehensive vacancy information.

If you are still unsure and would like to discuss your options please come and talk to one of our advisers.



Students talking at a careers fair