Global student experiences

Below are just a few of the testimonies of current students and graduates of NTU who worked abroad.


“Deciding to apply for a placement abroad, in the Netherlands, was one of my best decisions to date! Living and working in a different country has taught me so much about the real world and about myself. The work is exciting, and the weekends are even better; with visits to Amsterdam, road trips into Germany, and getting a taste of the Dutch life! It is definitely something I would recommend!”

- Rhianna Yapp, BSc Pharmacology

“To work in an international office is a great experience (not only because of the amazing food). I've made contacts and friends that I know will be useful throughout my career!”

- Amelia Kiff, BA Fashion Management

“Since joining Colliers International in Vietnam, I have worked on several key projects and have been part of several major Valuation and Research contracts, including a new urban township development. The site was over two hundred hectares in size and we valued the development at over $3 Billion USD. I've had the chance to travel around Vietnam to places such as Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh City, as well spending Christmas day on a beach in Thailand.”

- Adam Crooks, BSc Planning and Property Development

“I'm currently on a placement at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, where I have been working with many threatened species in different sections, such as the herpetology and mammals departments. I have been learning about the threats these animals face around the world, as well as how to properly care for them.”

- Matthew Cordon, BSc Zoo Biology