Supporting EDI at NTU

In addition to our Dispute Resolution services and our staff Learning and Development programme, the EDI Team supports academic and service areas in bringing equality, diversity and inclusion to life in their immediate setting and beyond, through project work and consultancy.

Recent examples include:

  • developing transgender guidance to support staff and students within the NTU community
  • working with Schools to embed local inclusion initiatives designed to help improve student success, particularly for the student equality groups
  • working with representatives from the current student body, Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, Accommodation Services, Student Support Services, NTU Sport and academic staff to develop a dynamic strategy to articulate and communicate expectations in relation to dignity and respect at NTU.

If you have ideas for future projects or think you would benefit from seeking input or advice from the EDI Team, please email us.

Staff are advised to contact HR in the first instance for any issues relating to their individual role, terms and conditions, or the role, terms and conditions of people they manage.