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NTU crest with text 'Graduation 2017. Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.'

Winter Ceremonies 2017

The Winter Ceremonies for 2017 will take place on Friday 8 December. 

For all information about the day, please see your ticket wallet



Prepare for graduation

In these web pages you will find everything you need to know in order to prepare for your ceremony, including:

Have a question?

Our helpful guide has the answers to your frequently asked questions.

Order your graduation merchandise

The Official Nottingham Trent University Graduation store offers a range of exclusive, custom made products to mark the celebration of your Graduation. You can pre-order by visiting the website.



Hire your graduation gown

Once you have received your invitation, you will be able to place your order online via the University's official gowners, Ede & Ravenscroft, to order your graduation gown and hood.

We recommend you place your order as soon as possible, as you will pay more if you do not hire in advance of the day. 


Live streaming update!

We are pleased to announce that we will be live streaming the ceremonies this year over the web. This exciting development will allow friends and family unable to attend the event to view the ceremonies remotely, whether they are overseas or in the UK.