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"Good journalism should challenge people, not just mindlessly amuse them." Carl Bernstein

Journalism is one of the best careers in the world. As a journalist you get to know things first, to go places others cannot, to work with talented and engaging people. It is one of the most demanding, creative and exciting ways to earn a living.

At the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism we aim to give you the skills and the academic insight to excel. You learn how to:

  • write clearly and attractively
  • work under pressure to dig out facts and chase down leads
  • shoot and edit video and audio (even on print and newspaper journalism courses)
  • create newspapers
  • lay out magazines and generate webpages
  • produce TV and radio bulletins
  • broadcast live
  • present on camera.

You'll study government, law, politics, history and the big issues of the day, from conflict in the Middle East to global warming. On top of all this CBJ students undertake work placements that can be undertaken anywhere in the world. The Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism provides students with a realistic working environment. It has the UK's largest student newsroom at its heart, laser printing facilities for newspaper and magazine production, three radio studios, a 75 square metre TV studio and two dedicated online journalism training suites.

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Staff at the CBJ are involved in a variety of activities which update their skills or add to knowledge in the field. Senior Broadcast Journalism lecturer, Dr Emma Hemmingway, recently completed a book for Routledge on journalism and the new digital technology, working closely with the BBC in the East Midlands and nationally with ITN, the BBC and Sky.

Broadcast Journalism course leader, Carole Fleming, has extensively researched national and local radio stations, including BBC Radio One and Channel Four radio. Her research will be used for her new edition of the Radio Handbook. Emma and Carole were also involved in writing the book An Introduction to Journalism, along with Newspaper Journalism course leader, Dave Welford.

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  • CBJ is supported by a range of industry contacts including ITV, the BBC, Sky local and regional radio, national and local newspapers, and a range of magazines. These form a consortium of industry representatives who work with us to ensure that we are providing the right skills and knowledge for employment in journalism. Visitors to CBJ include journalists and editors from across the media including: The Daily Telegraph , Nottingham Post , Derby Telegraph ; Shortlist Magazine , Farmers' Weekly , Mail on Sunday Magazine ; BBC East Midlands, Sky Sports, ITV; Capital East Midlands, Gem 106FM, BBC Radio 4. As well as offering advice to our students our industry contacts judge the best student work every year and award the most outstanding.
  • Our graduates success rate is excellent. They are now employed in nearly all the major newsrooms in the UK and have won dozens of awards over the years. Last year they won: the Newspaper Society's Reporter of the Year award and Young Reporter of the Year award; the Press Gazette Young Reporter and Radio Journalist of the year; and have won top shorthand and media law prizes.
  • The Broadcast Journalism Training Council has described our programme as the Gold Standard of university journalism courses.
  • The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) has rated the CBJ MA in Newspaper Journalism the best performing university course in the UK for two years running. Last academic year CBJ graduates won top prizes for the NCTJ's law exams and shorthand tests. No other institution did as well. We are one of a select few universities whose courses are designated excellent by the NCTJ.

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Carole Fleming
Academic Team Leader
Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism
School of Arts and Humanities

Recent publications

Into the Newsroom: Exploring the Digital Production of Regional Television News

Title: Into the Newsroom: Exploring the Digital Production of Regional Television News
Author: Hemmingway, Emma
Publisher: Routledge (London)
Date: 2008

The Radio Handbook

Title: The Radio Handbook (2nd Edition)
Author: Fleming, Carole (2009)
Publisher: Routledge (London)
Date: First Edition, 2002

An Introduction to Journalism

Title: An Introduction to Journalism
Author: Fleming, Carole et al
Publisher: Sage (London)
Date: 2006