Environment information

Nottingham Trent University is committed to recognising and reducing its impact on the environment. Positive developments in our environmental awareness and research are making a big difference and are complemented by a comprehensive environmental policy.

The University is currently participating in the Carbon Trust's Higher Education Carbon Management Programme, with the aim of reducing the overall carbon footprint of the University thorough a series of programmes, including long and short term capital projects, awareness campaigns, reducing waste as well as minimising the energy wasted through unnecessary usage.

The City Campus is now powered by 100% green, renewable energy from a number of sources including biomass, on-shore and off-shore wind generation.

NTU have been awarded a first in the People & Planet Green League for the fourth year running - out of over 100 universities. People & Planet is formed by UK students campaigning on world poverty, human rights and the environment. But despite that success, and the level of work already carried out, there is much room for improvement.

The University has already committed to these targets:

  • Cutting its carbon footprint by 48% by 2020
  • Improve our ever increaseing recycling rate (we currently have a recycling rate of 89%)

A further challenge involves reducing the environmental impact of NTU's transport and vehicle use - targets have yet to be set for this particular initiative.

The elements that are included in the calculation of NTU's carbon footprint are:

  • energy use in buildings - this includes gas and electricity use in all NTU buildings including properties owned by NTU but managed by a third party
  • NTU fleet vehicle use - including all NTU fleet vehicles with emissions based on the quantities of fuel each vehicle consumes
  • inter-campus travel - considering the use of the Go2 Uni 4 bus services between campuses and how efficiency and passenger numbers can be increased in order to reduce the carbon emissions of the bus service per passenger. We have also installed 1,200 bike stands, as well as shower facilities, through out the campus.
  • waste management and recycling - including all general waste that is either recycled or sent to landfill and increasing the percentage of waste being recycled and decreasing the quantity of waste being sent to landfill sites.
People using Ucycle bikes
Recycling centre
Sedum roof