When applying

Q1. Can I submit an application form without applying for a specific position?
NTU are unable to accept speculative applications. When you apply it must be for a specific post that is currently being advertised. Due to the volume of recruitment we undertake, it is not possible to keep any such applications on record.

Q2. Can I submit a CV as part of my application?
Yes there is a facility within the online application process to upload a supporting document, however it is still important that you complete the application form as fully as possible.

Q3. Can I submit a CV and covering letter instead of an application form?
No, we ask everyone who applies for a vacancy at NTU to submit a fully completed application form.

Q4. I have previously applied for the same or a similar post, can I apply again, and will you still have my previous application on record?
Should you wish to reapply, or apply for a similar post, you will need to complete and submit another online application form, along with new copies of any supporting material you uploaded with the previous application. Your previous information will be available for any new applications, but this must be reviewed and submitted for the new post. We suggest that you make sure any copied data reflects any changes relevant to the application.

Application data are removed periodically so some of your older ones may not be available.