Managing research information

As a researcher you will collect, read, and review a large amount of literature and information. You will want to ensure that your use of research materials is ethical and that you develop an efficient workflow for managing information..

Ethical use of information
The library guide Copyright for Researchers PDF icon provides advice on the use of third party copyright materials within your work.

Referencing styles and standards
There are many different methods of citing and referencing sources in your text. You should follow any guidance given to you in your research handbook or by your publisher. Visit the library's referencing and plagiarism pages for more detailed information on referencing styles employed at NTU and Citing references: a guide to NTU Library Harvard style.

Managing bibliographic references
RefWorks is the reference management software available to NTU students and researchers. The RefWorks user guide PDF icon provides a step-by-step introduction to creating an account and using it with different databases.

There are a wide range of products, many of which are free, to help you manage your references. The library guide to Managing bibliographic references PDF icon compares the leading software (RefWorks, Mendeley and RefME) and provides advice on getting the most out of your reference management software.