Training and support

The Library Research Team offers training and support on resources and tools to support all areas of your research. We can provide training on a one-to-one basis, as well as bespoke workshops and briefings developed for Schools, Divisions and Research Groups, or cohorts of postgraduate research students.

Details of Library workshops and briefings offered through the Research Development Framework are included in the tables below. Click on the title of the session to see a list of available dates. If you do not get any results displayed, then no sessions are currently booked and you should contact your Research Support Librarian for details of upcoming dates.

If you require training or support not covered by the sessions presented here, you can contact your Research Support Librarian to discuss your training and support requirements, or to make an appointment for individual help.

Finding information
SessionVitae RDF sub-domains*
Getting started with your literature reviewA1, A2
Staying current - tips and techniquesA1, B2
Searching for literature - top 10 tipsA1, A2


Managing research information
SessionVitae RDF sub-domains*
Managing your referencesA1, B2, C2
RefWorksA2, B2, C2
Research tools and apps for the effective researcherA1, B2, D2


Publishing your research
SessionVitae RDF sub-domains*
Deciding where to publishD2, D3
Prepare your publication for maximum citationD2, D3


Maximising and measuring the impact of your research
SessionVitae RDF sub-domains*

Measuring your research impact

B3, D2, D3

Open access compliance: what you need to know

B2, D2, D3

Disseminate your research for optimal visibility

B2, D2, D3

* RDF sub-domains PDF  icon