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Obviously you can use Library OneSearch to find print and electronic books of interest, but don't forget that we have an extensive collection of online newspapers and magazines as well. View our 60 Second Guide: Newspapers and Magazines at NTU to find out more.

Fancy a movie night? If you are looking for something to watch then we also have a great selection of DVDs that you could borrow. Simply follow our 60 Second Guide: searching for DVDs and TV programmes.

Take the challenge

Reading for pleasure also improves your understanding of others as well as your reading for academic purposes. In a bid to stimulate greater engagement with literature and film, NTU History's Nic Morton set his students a challenge: read; read; read; watch films; and then, read and watch some more! Don't be fooled by the title; this is not just for History students. Any NTU student taking up the gauntlet and having a go will agree that the true rewards are those eye-opening, life-affirming journeys that these great works unlock for them…

So, if you are looking for ideas and recommendations, then you need look no further than the Bibliography for the History Reading Challenge. Stretch yourself, try something different and go beyond what you know.

Popcorn in a bowl and peoples feet resting on table - Credit: Movie Night by Ginny, 2010, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Open book with two middle pages making heart shape - I <3 2 read by Kate Ter Haar, 2013, licensed under CC BY 2.0